8 Benefits of Getting a Citibank Premieremiles Credit Card

Getting a credit card is a tough decision to make, especially for newbies. But once you already agreed to the thought of getting a card, you’ll be surprise even more to know that there’s a plethora of options out there to choose from, ranging from banks, reward programs… benefits.


Let’s face it, credit cards are getting more important as payment transactions revolutionize. The world has become more digitalized, and cashless payments are becoming the new norm. To leverage on this trend however, it’s important to get a card that matches your lifestyle, and get more value out of it. You actually can, if you just know how to use your card prudently.

I have tried a few credit cards from those with rewards programs to co-branded with airlines and shopping malls, but so far, nothing beats Citibank Premiermiles… and here are the 8 reasons why:

  1. It is one of the fastest ways to earn miles. Citibank Premieremiles conversion for local spend is 1.2 Citi Miles/1 SGD. For foreign spend, it’s 2 Citi Miles/1 SGD. This is really beneficial for me because I hate carrying cash especially when travelling overseas. It’s safer and definitely more convenient to bring a card than cash.
  2. Your Citi Miles don’t expire. You can mine miles without worrying about expiration. Most mileage programs for airlines expire after 3 years, so if you aren’t really a frequent flyer, and not very loyal to a certain mileage program, then you can easily lose those miles. Citibank Premieremiles lets you save those precious miles until you’re ready to spend them… whenever.
  3. 1-to-1 Citi Miles conversion to most common frequent flyer programs. Citi Miles are convertible 1-to-1 with Krisflyer, Qantas, Asia Miles, Royal Orchid Plus, and more.
  4. Get a complementary travel insurance. If you use your credit to purchase for your airline ticket, you’ll be eligible for a free travel insurance with up SGD 1M coverage. This is applicable if the purchase only gains you Citi Miles and not miles from other frequent flyer programs. This is about SGD 30 in value per trip, and eventually a more valuable peace of mind while overseas.
  5. Access to travel lounges through Priority Pass. Not a lot of people know this, but your Citibank Premieremiles actually gives you Priority Pass membership and allows you to access 2 participating lounges for free each year. This is another SGD 54 in value yearly. To get your Priority Pass card, call the Citibank customer service to learn more about this value-added benefit.
  6. You can redeem your miles to pay for Grab, or convert miles to vouchers. In case you changed your mind about that dream South American adventure, for example, miles are easily convertible to vouchers to pay for other purchases including those Grab rides.
  7. You get 10,000 Citi Miles/year for renewing your annual fee membership. Paying your annual fee of SGD 192.60 (including taxes) automatically lets you earn 10K miles. A sweet deal, considering that you can only earn that if you spend SGD 10K.
  8. Promotions for new card holders. New applicants are eligible to earn 30,000 Citi Miles upon approval with certain minimal initial spend.
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