Jollibee Jurong East Review

I dropped by Jollibee Jurong East MRT station today for dinner and decided to provide a quick review of how the place looks like for the Jollibee fans back home.


So Jollibee occupies this small portion of the Kopitiam food center within the MRT station. This was previously occupied by Chicken-Up, a Singapore-owned, Korean Fried chicken chain.

To go here from the platform, take the exit A, and take the escalator down to the ground level. The entrance is actually just below the escalator. The bus interchange is on the right side of the store so traffic wise, this place is attractive.

Jollibee has made a following of its own here. As a matter of fact, the customer demographic particularly for the Jurong East branch is now more or less 65-35, making 65 percent of its customer base as non-Pinoys. Jollibee Jurong East is also halal certified.


Of course, the star of the show here is still its “world-famous” Chickenjoy. In fairness to Jollibee, the chicken really lives up to its reputation as juicy, tender, crispy, and more flavorful than the other fave Chicken spots here. They offer the spicy and original flavors, like everywhere else. The spicy recipe is definitely spicier than the Philippine version. The 2-piece Chickenjoy with rice and S&W pineapple juice (a Del Monte brand) costs SGD 7.20 (PHP 280).

The other favorite is the spaghetti of course. The famous sweet-style spaghetti has also charmed Singapore. I think they hate that sweet sauce and hotdogs in spaghetti concept before Jollibee came. The spaghetti meal costs SGD 4.50 (PHP 180).

Jollibee JE3
Jollibee spaghetti for SGD 3.50 (ala cart). Also available for delivery.
Jollibee JE4
Jollibee says this way. 🙂
Jollibee JE5
The Jollibee store as seen from the elevator going up to the MRT concourse.

Jollibee also added the 2-piece burger steak on its menu for some time now. But haven’t tried that yet. I’m usually hungry when craving for Jollibee, but with their burger steak portion, I think it’s not just sufficient to fill my hunger.


This is the usual crowd during rush hour. Office people from Jurong industrial and petrochemical estates, and students from nearby polytechnics and universities.

Jollibee JE
Queue at Jollibee Jurong East branch.
Jollibee JE2
Jollibee signage at its Jurong East station branch.
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